Find Your Passions: Slightly Drunk Thoughts About Life

“I’d travel more. I’d travel all the time! And I’d write while I travelled! I’d go and see awesome things, do awesome things! I’ve got this weird fascination with going to Norway, that’d be on the list. Oh and I’d get good at photography, I really wish I could spend more time doing it. I’d take up learning guitar again! I’d learn new languages, would love to be able to speak Russian or something, Mandarin maybe? That’d be cool …. Ah if only…”

We’ve all had this drunken conversation: What would you do if money were not object? That may not necessarily be the answer you’d give but I’m sure you can empathise. What most people can’t relate to however is the far less common, “I’d just keep  doing what I’m doing!” Congrats if you’re one of those people! You’ve got it sorted.

I read a study the other day stating that eighty percent of people hate their jobs! Eighty percent! Four out of five of us spend our Monday – Fridays working at something we couldn’t give two shits about. And I get the deal that the world revolves around money and short of winning big on the lottery we’ve just got to bite the bullet and get on with it. But I really don’t think thats our only option.

Cynic WorkFear of fucking up is apparently the most common reason for people not chasing their dreams, but I think there’s a far deeper problem: Society is not built with people following their dreams in mind. We grow up being told that we should, “Find something that we care about and work towards that. Don’t end up working for the man, go find something you love and make your dream a reality!” And then you leave education and the real reality kicks in. You’ve gotta go get a job, move on out and start working towards entering the housing market. Soon enough you’re slogging your brains out at a job you don’t care too much for and by the time the weekend rolls around all you want to do is cut loose. Your passions are given a back road in order to survive the day to day.

The point is: You have to take time to think about what you really want from life. What is it you desire? What is it that you really care about deep down? You don’t have to follow the crowd. Moving to the city and getting on the housing market both seem great but is it really something you care that deeply for? My passion is for travelling so that’s the best angle I can come at this from. In two weeks I’ll be moving to China for the year to teach English to kids in Beijing. Once I’m done there I’m going to attempt travelling to New Zealand without flying in order to raise some money for charity. I’ll head back to England on July 2017 for my sisters wedding and at which time, (if all goes to plan) I’ll be twenty five, penniless and with nothing but stories to my name. But for the time being at least, travelling and experiencing new cultures is what I really want and it would take a stupendous amount of persuading to convince me to try and join the housing market instead.

As I’ve called this post a guide and its turned into more of a rant I’ll finish with this: Find the things that you want, the things you really want from life and just go for it. Life is too short to play it safe and it’s far too short to live it without passions.

P.S. If this cynicism has hit home with you check out this video from the great Alan Watts!